Inspired by meaningful assumptions

Educators challenge themselves every day, especially when they convey the lesson material to different classes, defined by students that appear as a kaleidoscope. They select information, make assumptions and with care and attention guide the reflection of students. The process behind the act of guarantee the prosperity of the “reflection mantra” covers some main aspects,Continue reading “Inspired by meaningful assumptions”

Some reflections on SE

Nowadays lots of countries seek to introduce a paradigm shift in scientific education (SE). The latter sin of a lack of relevance and a boring approach where notions should be memorized in short time, when the risk of doubtful abstractness and “difficult tendency” to define the plot raise day after day, in line with theContinue reading “Some reflections on SE”

Three challenges for education leaders

Given the increasing role of new challenges that people must face today in our societies, there is an increasing need that future citizens will be not only technologically literate but also truly aware of their own environmental problems and challenges that they’ll face in their upcoming future. I know that this statement may sound weirdContinue reading “Three challenges for education leaders”