Expose yourself to a science mindset

The journey of science had shown both the bright and dark sides of development. However, its request is to give us the keys and the pace – the rhythm – to run after the main people and institutions that could bring so many benefits to mankind. The act of understanding science and its specifics areas,Continue reading “Expose yourself to a science mindset”

Some reflections on Popper legacy

  Yesterday I reflect on the fact that science and philosophy have always worked together, with the effort to  discover and frame the truths about the world and the universe around us. We can recognize that both, with their main representatives that underway history, are fundamentals for the advancement of formal knowledge and human society’sContinue reading “Some reflections on Popper legacy”

GIOCA CON LA FISICA, what a journey!

This article presents my last experience in science communication for physics: ‘Gioca con la Fisica’ an experiential activity dedicated to increase children curiosity and deeper interest to physics and scientific principles at the base of inquiry learning. In occasion of the European Researcher Night of this year, many of the students in Physics of theContinue reading “GIOCA CON LA FISICA, what a journey!”