Investigating new degrees and forms of candidate co-workers

Nowadays, humanities are and want to be included in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogue of Human-Robot interaction and social robotics. Social robots start to compose a higher number of workplaces. For us is time to have a better understanding of what this co-working relationship does mean in terms of psychological and ethical-existential aspects exploring some current and subsequent implications.

Industry 4.0: components and protagonists of our digital scenario.

Our economy is undergoing a digital upheaval that will permeate, and even change, the type of industries we nowadays proclaim to know in-depth. The post of today will explore what is intended as Industry 4.0, clarifying a bit this term that usually stands for the fourth industrial revolution.

Machine(s) Vs Robot(s)

In this post we will explore together main differences defining machines and robots, focusing on their interventions in our complex society.


Bits of codes aren’t themselves information: their value is defined by what we extract from them. Within this frame of reasoning, after the noise is filtered out, bits are meaningful leftovers.

Artificial Intelligence, diverse ´units´ that we might consider

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, in particular computer systems. These processes include learning (identify information and rules to use them), reasoning (refer to these rules to reach approximate or bounded conclusions) and accurate rectification of boundaries.

Expose yourself to a science mindset

The journey of science had shown both the bright and dark sides of development. However, its request is to give us the keys and the pace – the rhythm – to run after the main people and institutions that could bring so many benefits to mankind. The act of understanding science and its specifics areas,Continue reading “Expose yourself to a science mindset”

We need time to sustain Astronomy enterprises

  Time is part of our daily routine. We seek it, naturally.  We hope to properly manage the one we have left. Time appears to be what set our priorities, expectancy,  the development of “senior” ideas about people and arguments we tend to address as a constant daily issue. Time is part of scientific discoveries,Continue reading “We need time to sustain Astronomy enterprises”

Elettrodinamica quantistica (QED) e particelle virtuali

A molti di noi la meccanica quantistica appare una materia complessa, appannaggio di pochi appassionati, e dei fisici  di professione che hanno le chiavi per sopravvivere ai passaggi e alle conoscenze necessarie per penetrare la materia che governa il mondo che ci riguarda. Molti, quindi, la scansano senza neanche interrogarne la natura e la consideranoContinue reading “Elettrodinamica quantistica (QED) e particelle virtuali”

The History of Light

A great way to learn about light is to know the ideas and experiments that have boost our knowledge and deeper understanding on this outstanding phenomena over the centuries. Moreover, everyone of us, with little effort and motivation to be engaged in scientific experimentation can discover the magic side of light choosing to be partContinue reading “The History of Light”

Una stella meravigliosa ci ha salutato: da oggi il sorriso di Hawking risplenderà dal cosmo.

Il firmamento della scienza è fatto di stelle brillanti, meravigliose, le cui idee hanno dato forma alla cosmologia che ha ispirato i grandi della storia. Coloro che, a loro volta, hanno lasciato un segno indelebile per le nuove generazioni. Una stella in particolare, fra quelle che brillano più di altre, merita di essere ricordata inContinue reading “Una stella meravigliosa ci ha salutato: da oggi il sorriso di Hawking risplenderà dal cosmo.”