Where is escaped, the electron?

Where is escaped, the electron that until now hovered within the cathode ray tube of our TV? It seems that this electron is really a joker, while it is heading towards the screen … We can observe it while it appears in the “network” of pixels associated to our unit, and if it is perfectly comfortable andContinue reading “Where is escaped, the electron?”

Biological reproduction and Planck’s constant

Associate the phenomenon of biological reproduction to the laws of Planck’s constant? Reproduction in living beings born from random changes, so called mutations, that allowed you to create differences from one generation to another. Starting from the statistics that show the rate of mutations, such as the famous “laws” of Mendel on heredity of characters,Continue reading “Biological reproduction and Planck’s constant”

How Lorentz transformation improve the knowledge on space-time concept

Thanks to Lorentz transformation (name given by Henrì Poincarè) we have a theory that aim to give a scientific description of the change of viewpoint from one inertial frame to a second moving one. This specific change of viewpoint is called a (Lorentz) boost. Why Lorentz transformations are so important for human knowledge? His formulaeContinue reading “How Lorentz transformation improve the knowledge on space-time concept”

Natural Interconnections among Theoretics and Nature Physics

It is possible to fulfill the entente of natural interconnections present among Theoretics and Nature Physics? The advent of the scientific revolution has brought a profound change, observable in methods that allow us to study reality, and consequently in the relationships that develop between the Philosopher of Science, Tech expert and Nature. The paradigms that refer to theContinue reading “Natural Interconnections among Theoretics and Nature Physics”

Theories in Physics and Reality

The theories of physics are trying to build a representation of reality, and to build links with the wide world of sense impressions. So our mental constructions are based on this relationship, and how it itself is built from the outside. Physics progresses through the seasons, and small discoveries (but great for those who workContinue reading “Theories in Physics and Reality”

The Origin of All

Any person questioned and interrogated for a few minutes to ask themselves how it happened the beginning of everything: The Origin. On what was the origin of the super-sensible world, as would say dear good Aristotle, recalling his precise analysis on the unmoved mover. What we have learned so far and rebuild is pretty much. WeContinue reading “The Origin of All”

Interconnections of Sincrotrone & Cell Membrane: A partecipate Dialogue between Physics & Biochemistry

The goal of this experimental research in biochemical & physical area (between the cell membrane and the light of the synchrotron) is to try to have some analytical results which demonstrate the assumptions of membrane-protein interactions, membrane-cell, cell-cell essential.
A point from which to develop solutions and treatment plans for patients presenting very complex clinical cases. People to which this study hopes to provide important answers, and hopes.