What about ‘Science is Change’

Today I want to write a bit about my inner hope for the upcoming event of ‘Science is Change‘ organized from the 11th to the 14th of May in the beautiful Auditorium della Musica of Rome. The theme of this year is change. Very inspiring. Change is a metaphor of power, force, and the symbolContinue reading “What about ‘Science is Change’”

How did things come to be in the beginning?

This is a fundamental question for which everyone in every culture must have an answer. Today we can infer knowledge from  fundamental Research in theoretical and experimental particle physics, but it is evident that in the past people were fascinated by mythic stories. These ones serves more than one function, the first was accounting forContinue reading “How did things come to be in the beginning?”

The New Conversion of Music

This week I want to write something on music and on the technological devices innovation, aspects and pattern changed around time that allowed revolutionaries implications on its nature. Music is sound and sound cannot exists in a vacuum, so the best way to transport notes is air. Is the wind that allows sounds waves –Continue reading “The New Conversion of Music”

What kind of tiny particles are waiting for us?

Physicists today use linear and circular particle accelerators as high-resolution microscopes to study the pieces of atoms, so small, to not been seen without. Astronomers, using a dozen or so new supersize telescopes, also study the same tiny particles, but theirs are waiting for them in space. This strange collision can be saw as aContinue reading “What kind of tiny particles are waiting for us?”

Data is not the same thing as information.

Data is not the same thing as information. As the founding father of information theory, Claude Shannon, put back in the 1940s, data signals are noisy, and if you want to filter out what’s meaningful from those signals, you have to filter out at least some of that noise. For Shannon the noise was literal:Continue reading “Data is not the same thing as information.”

If you want to pursuit excellence, start from the basic laws of science.

The traditional martial arts invite passion in the pursuit of excellence. Often where there is passion there is controversy – and conflict is at the very essence of the martial arts. Throughout the centuries there has been debate and discussion about the effectiveness of one technique or another. Arguments have raged over the particular waysContinue reading “If you want to pursuit excellence, start from the basic laws of science.”

Particelle elementari, in un battito di ciglia

Se noi dovessimo immaginare l’origine delle particelle elementari che ci compongono, seguendo un rapido battito di ciglia? Potremmo iniziare in questo modo: abitiamo da sempre in un pianeta pieno d’acqua, in una galassia molto lontana. Noi mammiferi abbiamo fatto una prima comparsata nel Giurassico, prima c’erano rettili del carbonifero e ancor prima gli anfibi delContinue reading “Particelle elementari, in un battito di ciglia”

Newtonian Natural Physics

We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances This is a quotation of Sir. Isaac Newton (1642-1727), the physics scientist that – despite many brilliant accomplishments of his genius – put into place a series of flawed notions regarding the essenceContinue reading “Newtonian Natural Physics”

“Santa Claus” Effect: a matter of Physics

Christmas is coming, and the questions of children about the nature of the fast and very organized Santa Claus take turns to gifts to buy in these long afternoons of exhausting search of them.   Luckily thought about it Dr Katy Sheen, a physicist at Exeter University, who found a scientific explanation for why Santa andContinue reading ““Santa Claus” Effect: a matter of Physics”

Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science

I remember that some years ago, in 2005, scientists decide they should choose a Person of the Century. And of all the significant figures they considered for that honor, the one they ended up choosing was Albert Einstein. And on the face of it, this is really a remarkable decision, because Einstein, he was a theoretical physicist, heContinue reading “Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science”