Problem Solving

Forse è vero che per i ragazzi (e non solo) una grande scoperta risolve un grande problema, ma c’è una briciola di scoperta in ogni problema. Oggi è necessario che i ragazzi possano imparare a rivalutare il proprio ruolo attivo, sviluppando un corpus di conoscenze che permetta loro di costruirsi e alimentare quell’intimo e necessarioContinue reading “Problem Solving”

Grafici, relazioni, regole…

Ricercare relazioni e regole fra grandezze è un’attività che è a fondamento stesso della scienza. Gli studi avanzano grazie ai dati che seguono da predizioni quanto più accurate e vicine all’osservazione metodica dei fenomeni naturali. Oggi, per fortuna, disponiamo di una miriade di documenti storici capaci di presentarci un’eccellente panoramica di alcuni dei più importantiContinue reading “Grafici, relazioni, regole…”

A reflection on the Story of the Universe

If I’m saying the Story of the Universe, what can be first elements of reference? The human story of the universe can be defined as what we understand about the universe that we live in. I can bet lot of us start their day with lots of open questions. Perhaps they are enriched with soContinue reading “A reflection on the Story of the Universe”

The secret of a nice cup of Coffee

Many who know me well can confirm that my day begins with the right turn if accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. If this does not happen for some reason related to forgetfulness or lack of time for the ritual that sees me filling the vintage Moka in the kitchenette and sipping my favoriteContinue reading “The secret of a nice cup of Coffee”

When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…

Is this title too poetic for a blog science’ passionate? Tell me about it 🙂 So if it bother you or give you a strong particular impression shield it or leave it behind – if you can handle that – until the end of this post. In fact, yesterday I’d the idea for this postContinue reading “When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…”

The spectacle of harmony

Today, in a routine full of needs, unpleasant problems and circumstances, lack of stable anchors of reference we seems to have indefinitely forgot the recognizable building blocks (or elements), components of the material world we lived in. In fact, we can see how people are more or less conscious about fire, water, earth and air.Continue reading “The spectacle of harmony”

Some reflections on how increase meaningful reasoning on STEM

These days are very busy for all the protagonists of the schools: pupils, teachers, educators, directors, etc..It’s time for exam and final qualification and the young hearth of the interested students is thinking on how to conquer the best notes and the best present from their enthusiastic parents: some days of vacation with the sportContinue reading “Some reflections on how increase meaningful reasoning on STEM”

What form of reasoning can allow to set priorities?

This week I’ve dedicated some thoughts to recognize some characteristics of the priorities needed to set up the simple and beautiful frame for a well-grounded scientific theory. The general idea is this one: if a scientific theory is a complex interlocking of concepts, observations, definitions, presuppositions, experimental results and connections to other theories, no singleContinue reading “What form of reasoning can allow to set priorities?”