Bits of codes aren’t themselves information: their value is defined by what we extract from them. Within this frame of reasoning, after the noise is filtered out, bits are meaningful leftovers.

Artificial Intelligence, diverse ´units´ that we might consider

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, in particular computer systems. These processes include learning (identify information and rules to use them), reasoning (refer to these rules to reach approximate or bounded conclusions) and accurate rectification of boundaries.

Expose yourself to a science mindset

The journey of science had shown both the bright and dark sides of development. However, its request is to give us the keys and the pace – the rhythm – to run after the main people and institutions that could bring so many benefits to mankind. The act of understanding science and its specifics areas,Continue reading “Expose yourself to a science mindset”

How do you know if someone is intelligent or not?

The question ‘ How do you know if someone is intelligent or not?’ was posed to me a week ago. Since then, I started to reflect on how frame a proper answer. As you can imagine I thought a lot. Moreover,  many of you know my beliefs on intelligence and how i frame it asContinue reading “How do you know if someone is intelligent or not?”

Growing Mindset

During childhood (and sometimes even know if the timing is right and I’m allowing myself) I was used to spent some time in the park close to my home, or more simply staying in the familiar place of my room wandering through my mind. My favorite patterns and subject were people, witnessing experiences. I wasContinue reading “Growing Mindset”

Language, reliable as experience.

Now that I am learning the subtle differences of English words I am aware on how clear is the statement that in some languages, multiple options can be represented by the same word. This point generates some reflections on a problem regarding the reliability of language and how – sometimes – the process of communication,Continue reading “Language, reliable as experience.”

Altruism: natural behavior or self-benefit?

These days of Christmas and New Year Eve holiday break I take some time to reflect on which can be a possible – objective – definition of real and effective altruism. If you’re asking yourself why I am so interested about, the answer is very simple but require some background as I am not theContinue reading “Altruism: natural behavior or self-benefit?”

Connecting ourselves

In order to feel more, and to feel the multiples ideas we aim to associate with ourselves, we connect. Nowadays we face a constant rush to retreat what we think we are, or aspire to be. It happens at work, with friends, within the educational context we encounter during our professional development and last butContinue reading “Connecting ourselves”

Quali categorie?

I minuti della giornata seguono incessanti. Le situazioni si collegano da sottili ganci con immagini sovrapposte; spesso mescolate senza che i confini possano più definirsi. Chi abita nelle grandi città è costantemente circondato da persone che osserva (a con cui diventa in automatico oggetto di conversazione) e che prova, tempo permettendo, a “inquadrare”, provando aContinue reading “Quali categorie?”

Some reflections on Popper legacy

  Yesterday I reflect on the fact that science and philosophy have always worked together, with the effort to  discover and frame the truths about the world and the universe around us. We can recognize that both, with their main representatives that underway history, are fundamentals for the advancement of formal knowledge and human society’sContinue reading “Some reflections on Popper legacy”