My name is Lisa Halfon, I graduated in Philosophy of Knowledge with specialisation in Communication, Science and Politics (University La Sapienza of Rome).
I graduated (MSc) with a thesis on the analysis of the thought of the American geneticist Richard Lewontin dealing with themes of social psychology, experimental population genetics’ and bioethics issues.
In these years I continued to expand my academic training in history (ancient, medieval and modern) and sciences (mathematics and statistical physics).
I also attended a Master’s Degree aimed to develop skills in relational ethics, and business consulting through analysis of the needs and primary demands of clients.
In parallel to my studies, I am dedicated to teaching the Italian language to foreigners, and learn the main European languages whom I am fanatical and passionate.
I obtained language qualifications for Hebrew, English, French and German, and I’ve successfully completed a Professional Master in journalism and broadcasting, and several courses on storytelling and creative writing.

Nowadays my professional research is to explore what give to science writing and communication a social meaning through involvement and personal understanding.