Inspired by meaningful assumptions

Educators challenge themselves every day, especially when they convey the lesson material to different classes, defined by students that appear as a kaleidoscope. They select information, make assumptions and with care and attention guide the reflection of students. The process behind the act of guarantee the prosperity of the “reflection mantra” covers some main aspects,Continue reading “Inspired by meaningful assumptions”

Growing Mindset

During childhood (and sometimes even know if the timing is right and I’m allowing myself) I was used to spent some time in the park close to my home, or more simply staying in the familiar place of my room wandering through my mind. My favorite patterns and subject were people, witnessing experiences. I wasContinue reading “Growing Mindset”

Language, reliable as experience.

Now that I am learning the subtle differences of English words I am aware on how clear is the statement that in some languages, multiple options can be represented by the same word. This point generates some reflections on a problem regarding the reliability of language and how – sometimes – the process of communication,Continue reading “Language, reliable as experience.”

In formazione

Quale è il modo in cui impariamo? Potremmo dire che molti di noi sono in grado di fare dei semplici e diretti collegamenti fra idee e concetti teorici, e questo è uno degli aspetti di base di ciò che si intende di solito per apprendimento. Occorre però menzionare un elemento che non è meno importante:Continue reading “In formazione”

Altruism: natural behavior or self-benefit?

These days of Christmas and New Year Eve holiday break I take some time to reflect on which can be a possible – objective – definition of real and effective altruism. If you’re asking yourself why I am so interested about, the answer is very simple but require some background as I am not theContinue reading “Altruism: natural behavior or self-benefit?”

Creativity ‘ad libitum’

There is a question that was brought to my attention during the last weeks… – What is creativity? Usually “creativity” researchers tend to define this concept something in the middle of both originality and meaningfulness, passing through utility in our daily life. Well, I can recognize the fact that if something is depicted as justContinue reading “Creativity ‘ad libitum’”

La musa di letterati e scienziati

C’è un concetto, apparentemente astratto, capace di avere quel sensibile e raro pregio di poter catturare l’attenzione e l’immaginazione di bambini, giovani adulti, anziani, fino ad arrivare a coloro che della matematica e la fisica ne hanno fatto una professione. Un concetto che spesso è stato definito un’idea, piuttosto facile da inquadrare e capace diContinue reading “La musa di letterati e scienziati”