A reflection on the Story of the Universe

If I’m saying the Story of the Universe, what can be first elements of reference? The human story of the universe can be defined as what we understand about the universe that we live in. I can bet lot of us start their day with lots of open questions. Perhaps they are enriched with soContinue reading “A reflection on the Story of the Universe”

The secret of a nice cup of Coffee

Many who know me well can confirm that my day begins with the right turn if accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. If this does not happen for some reason related to forgetfulness or lack of time for the ritual that sees me filling the vintage Moka in the kitchenette and sipping my favoriteContinue reading “The secret of a nice cup of Coffee”

Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?

  Si vive in un’epoca di domande che hanno sete di verità. Assistiamo ad una crisi, che da fenomeno d’identità personale, ha avviato la sua trasformazione in una voragine di razionalità. La diffidenza non è mai stata così grande, forte, durevole nel tempo e fra culture – apparentemente – diverse fra loro. Questo perché l’impressioneContinue reading “Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?”

When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…

Is this title too poetic for a blog science’ passionate? Tell me about it 🙂 So if it bother you or give you a strong particular impression shield it or leave it behind – if you can handle that – until the end of this post. In fact, yesterday I’d the idea for this postContinue reading “When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…”