Light Perception

I want to share a poetry of a man that was so ahead of his time.

A man that with his imagination create a “power engine” capable to go over and outstripped the technology of the century he belongs to.

He travel a lot, and refined his brain capacity of abstraction, observable in the paintings which are now so famous that is difficult to imagine their value in therm of money.

He was a prolific writer and capable to touch different kind of subjects. Sensitive to the power of light and the divine landscapes; a lover of the landscapes adorned with mountains, ruins, rocks, woods, valleys painted and projected with a sublime touch.

Here is some verses describing the perception of light:

The eye, which is the window of the soul, is the chief organ whereby the understanding can have the most complete and magnificent view of the infinite works of nature.Now do you not see that the eye embraces the beauty of the whole world?…

It counsels and corrects all the arts of mankind ….

It is the prince of mathematics, and the science founded on it are absolutely certain. It has measured the distances and sized of the stars; it has discovered the elements and their location… It has given birth to architecture and to perspective and the divine art of painting.

Oh, excellent thing, superior to all others created by God!

What praises can do justice to your nobility? What people, what tongues will fully describe your function? The eye is the window of the human body through which it feels its way and enjoy the beauty of the world.

Owing to the eye the soul is content to stay in its bodily prison, for without it such bodily prison is torture.

O marvelous, O stupendous necessity, thou with supreme reason compellest all effects to be the direct result of their causes; and by a supreme and irrevocable law every natural action obeys thee by the shortest process possible.

Who would believe that so small a space could contain all the images of the universe…

Maybe his paintings has a deeper intention. Here is an example of a portrait he done:



We can ask ourselves what he was trying to achieve and why (maybe) he wanted that his public was attracted by a particular spot.

What is clear is that he was a pioneer in the study of light and he reveals revolutionary insights about its nature.

he understood that images were reversed upon the retina.

He is generally credited with the invention of the camera obscura, upon which the principle of modern photography rests.

He studied optical illusions and his explanations for them are still applied nowadays.

He was fascinated by shadows and worked out the geometrical details of umbra and penumbra that contemporary astronomers still use as reference for theirs studies.

He was the first person in the historical record to understand that light traveled though space and time as a wave.

He found in the vital and visual form of things a science on which we still refer today.

If you can guess who is the artist cited and what were his intentions, well you are on the good way to be a voyant of the visual world.






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