The Best is yet to come…

The best is yet to come means that in our own way, we are doing good…

What I repeat to myself I want to share here, in my blog. Today. With whom will spent a couple of precious minutes  reading.

So where were I?

Be thankful, keep moving, feel the path your breath do when you inhale. It is a path.

Sometimes what we need is only some time for ourselves to recognize our strenghts or weaknesses. Everyone know that. Admit it, is something different.

I wish you to success, for yourselves before than for others, and hope that every hour of this amazing 2017 will be full of positivity and opportunities to grow. Whatever it takes.

Sometimes you will feel that this life is joking at you, smiling to see you knocked out from the part that you are seeing with your mind and don’t have the chance to feel also with the body. And by this, I mean also the emotions and the fears that are connected with this pic.

Be wise, try to. And be selective.



Start from the fears and the obscure side of the life you live. Exercise and practice to see the light and be astounded. In the way you imagine you could be, if you deeply desire something, I am pretty sure that it will come with time and sacrifice. It will come. We are not any less than the others we keep in mind when we think on success and balance.

Be involved. Try to give priorities and give all you can in the things your are responsible for. Commitment is good. But it can be very hard to handle properly at the beginning, I can sign on that! But, be the first on the line who takes judgments and suggestions (bad at most and pleasant sometimes) this is what makes yourself strong. In the spirit before than in the mind.

But know, is time to play in time to enjoy this wonderful and joyful evening.

Have a great end and a really good start: and choose the best champagne ever:-)

This is a wish from the hearth of a person who care about human and living beings.














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