Theories in Physics and Reality

The theories of physics are trying to build a representation of reality, and to build links with the wide world of sense impressions. So our mental constructions are based on this relationship, and how it itself is built from the outside.

Physics progresses through the seasons, and small discoveries (but great for those who work full-time scientific research) that is wielded slowly to face a logical idea and consequential reality.

The point is that this physical reality is not composed of three dimensions, but rather by four. All with free transform properties. The rest is quantum theory that has created the essential aspects of our reality, where continuity gives way to the gap.

We do not notice a point of contact with the daily reality that concerns us?

The obstacles to a full understanding of the facts in front of us, more or less visible, are manifold. Not everything suggests according to the schemes drawn up by the theorists of classical physics.

We start from a single elementary particle, electron or photon, and begin to develop a three-dimensional continuous probability waves.


This is able to ensure a certain stability to the considered system. Now imagine that this particle is flanked by a photon or a nucleus. Since the particles interact, the whole of their spatial coordinates will follow six points materials rather than just three.

The probability waves are abstract in the electromagnetic field and gravitational and spread on different physical spaces. That’s why if a single electron we can ask what is the probability of finding it in a given place, for two particles we can ask the question as follows: what is the probability of finding at a precise moment, these two particles in a known places?

Well say that the object that interests us is done in a certain way and have some specific characteristics, gives way to a different way of understanding reality.

The laws of quantum physics are based on the phenomena where the quanta of matter and radiation reveal their existence. Every scientific advance allows the creation of new applications, which do not always have a linear explanation and devoid of analytical difficulties.

If classical physics chose to direct the intellectual forces toward a wide variety of events (reaching a good compromise between theory and observation), quantum physics had already decided his future: matter and field. Where their multiple representations refer to the laws that have formed the most complex and large aggregates of the universe.

We; the Living Beings.

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